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Waylon Jennings - New Stuff LP - Shooter Jennings & Black Country Rock

Waylon Jennings - New Stuff (Limited Red & Orange Swirl Vinyl LP)

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The 2017 limited release of Waylon Jennings' New Stuff on 12" Red & Orange Swirl Vinyl

In the late 90’s, Waylon Jennings was working on a batch of new material for a potential new album to be recorded. Unfortunately, Jennings passed away before that album could be realized. While going through some of his father's things, Shooter Jennings ran across a cassette tape labeled New Stuff. On that tape was a collection of new songs performed just by Waylon and his guitar. Shooter restored the tape and the result was an earnest collection of songs Waylon felt passionate and proud of. Black Country Rock proudly presents New Stuff on a collection of songs that are a must-have for any die-hard Waylon fan.

  1. Good Time
  2. The Best Side of Me
  3. Changin’ Baby’s Mind
  4. World By The Tail
  5. Along For The Ride
  6. What Good Would It Do
  7. A Few Decembers Ago
  8. Here’s To The Champion (Muhammad Ali)
  9. Mickey
  10. Billy, Whitey and Me
  11. Talk Good Boogie