Stargunn - The Only Way Up Is Down LP Vol. 1 - Shooter Jennings & Black Country Rock

Stargunn - The Only Way Up Is Down LP Vol. 1

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Stargunn's 2015 limited release The Only Way Up Is Down on 12″ White Vinyl

In 2000, Shooter Jennings and his band, Stargunn, drove across country from Nashville, TN to Los Angeles chasing a new home for their music. Ironically, their first record was recorded in 2001 in Nashville. The Only Way Up Is Down was the only full studio album released by the band, and until now it has been unavailable except for the first 1,000 CDs printed by the band. Now BCR Los Angeles is proud to release the band’s debut album. With new updated art by BCR staff designer, Keith Neltner & Neltner Small Batch, this record is the ultimate collectors item for any Shooter Jennings or Stargunn fan.


  1. Mustangs and Camaros
  2. Nikki Stargunn
  3. Sunset Boulevard
  4. Voices Inside
  5. How Could You (Be so Cold)
  6. Sex and Drugs
  7. White Lines N' Black Ties