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Shooter Jennings - The Other Live

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Shooter Jennings' 2013 live recording of The Other Live on your choice of 12" Translucent Blue Vinyl, CD or Cassette

Recorded in 2013, The Other Live is Shooter Jennings’ sophomore live album. This time he and his band find themselves honed, locked, and loaded and in top form. An incredible performance from top to bottom, The Other Live truly showcases Jennings’ entire career with songs spanning across his six expansive albums, as well as his growth with new songs and songs from his critically acclaimed 2010 concept album Black Ribbons.

  1. A Hard Lesson to Learn
  2. Isis
  3. The Low Road
  4. Mama, It's Just My Medicine
  5. Old Friend
  6. Outlaw You
  7. Solid Country Gold | The Outside
  8. The White Trash Song
  9. Something in the Way
  10. Wake up!
  11. The Gunslinger