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Mick Foley - Crazy Christmas 7

Mick Foley - Crazy Christmas (Limited White 7" Vinyl Single)

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Mick Foley's 2014 release Crazy Christmas on 7" white vinyl

Crazy Christmas is a spoken-word Christmas narrative told by New York Times Best Selling author and Hardcore Wrestling Legend Mick Foley, written by his 10-year-old son Hugh Foley, with music and sound effects composed by Shooter Jennings.

“Narrating Crazy Christmas, the story my youngest son wrote as a gift for Santa Claus, was one of the joys of my life,” Foley said, “We handed our special holiday project off to Shooter Jennings, who took it on a wild and charming ride. I hope this collaboration with Shooter brings listeners the same sense of joy it has brought to me.”