Dennis Haskins - Belding's Blues 7

Dennis Haskins - Belding's Blues 7"

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Dennis Haskins' 2015 release Belding's Blues on 7" white vinyl

Most people would be most familiar with Dennis Haskins’ work as Mr. Belding on the runaway hit 1990’s television show “Saved By The Bell”, but not many people would know that Haskins got his start singing in musicals long before his casting in the teen-dream drama. Having been long time friends with both Shooter Jennings and his manager Jon Hensley, and in the tradition of BCR’s bucking tradition, BCR Los Angeles is proud to present Belding’s Blues. Printed on beautiful white 7″ vinyl, Belding’s Blues features experimental music composed and constructed by Shooter Jennings to accompany Haskins’ voice. The stand-out track, a musical mash-up of Tom Jones’ hit Delilah and Kris Kristofferson’s For The Good Times, titled For The Good Times, Delilah, features almost industrial soundscaping that echoes more of Radiohead and My Morning Jacket than it’s original versions. Surely a collectors item for the RSD crowd and the children of the 90’s.