2016 BCR Mixtape CD - Shooter Jennings & Black Country Rock

2016 BCR Mixtape CD

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The 2016 BCR Mixtape on CD

A collection of our favorite recordings from the 2016

Includes rare tracks that were part of the limited edition 2016 Record Store Day release

Produced by Grammy Award-winning Shooter Jennings, Adam Barnes & Brad Jewell


  1. Cat People - Shooter Jennings featuring Marilyn Manson (Vectorwolf Remix)
  2. I'm Left You're Right She's Gone - Shooter Jennings (Live from the Viper Room)
  3. Outskirts of Desperate - Billy Don Burns
  4. Why Can't I Have You - Julie Roberts
  5. John Hensley Blues - J.D. Wilkes (Live from the Jon Hensley Birthday Bash 2016)
  6. I'm Not Lisa - Jessi Colter (Live from the Jon Hensley Birthday Bash 2016)
  7. Black Ribbons - Shooter Jennings (Alternate Studio Take)
  8. Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues - Shooter Jennings & The Waymore's Outlaws (Live on Tour, For Jon)
  9. When Gram Parsons Died I was Playin' Hank - Billy Don Burns
  10. Coming Home - Shooter Jennings


  1. Freedom '16 - Conspiracy featuring Hollywood Jaz
  2. The Theme Song - Beyond The Black

As always, none of this would have been possible without the Colonel Jon Hensley RIP