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Shooter Jennings - The Other Life (Purple Haze LP) - Shooter Jennings & Black Country Rock

Shooter Jennings - The Other Life (Limited Purple Haze Vinyl LP)

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Shooter Jennings The Other Life Limited Edition Reissue LP

Released November 19, 2021

Noted as Shooter's "companion and mirror" to his 2012 album Family Man, The Other Life has since been one of Jennings' most successful to date. With streaming hits such as "Gunslinger" and "Outlaw You" the title track has also seen its fair share of notoriety making an appearance on Netflix's The Punisher just a few years back in 2017. Back for the first time on vinyl since its original release, this reissue is pressed on a limited-to-500-copies of purple haze wax, and a revisited back cover to the album. This special reissue will be released on Jennings' label, Black Country Rock on November 19, 2021. Shooter Jennings has defied expectations for nearly two decades while constantly expanding the parameters of country, rock n' roll, and beyond. The scion of American music royalty has affirmed his own place in histories still to come as a truly limitless artist and GRAMMY-award winning producer.


Side A

  1. Flying Saucer Song
  2. A Hard Lesson To Learn
  3. The White Trash Song (feat. Scott H. Biram)
  4. Wild & Lonesome (feat. Patty Griffin)
  5. Outlaw You
  6. The Other Life

Side B

  1. The Low Road
  2. Mama, It's Just My Medicine
  3. The Outsider
  4. 15 Million Light-Years Away (feat. Jim Dandy)
  5. The Gunslinger